FMC Aquatic Swim Team

FMC Aquatic is a year round competitive swim team and educational swim program.  The organization is a non-profit swim club offering professional coaching and swim instruction for all ages and abilities with the emphasis on developing skills and technique.  FMC Aquatic, a USA Swim team affiliate, promotes discipline, responsibility, respect and integrity amongst its members, while encouraging them to realize their full potential as an athlete.  If you are interested in joining the team please sign up for an try out / evaluation.


FMC Aquatic Try Outs / Evaluations March 9th and 10th

Please sign your swimmer up for a tryout that is convenient for you.  Tryouts are held at FMC Natatorium at 275 Plaza Drive in Westmont.


8 & Under Swimmers must be able to swim 2x 50 yards of Freestyle with side breathing, 50 yards of Backstroke and 25 yards of some form of Breaststroke and Butterfly to be considered for the team

9 & 10 Swimmers must be able to swim 2x 100 Freestyle on 2:30, 50 yards of Backstroke and Breaststroke, and 25 yards of Butterfly to be considered for the team

11 & 12 and 13 & 14 must be able to swim 2x 200 Freestyle on 4:00, 100 yards of Backstroke, 50 yards of Breaststroke and Butterfly to be considered for the team

Senior Swimmers must have swim times and will be evaluated by lead coach at time of try outs.

Items to wear to tryouts: Swimsuit, goggles, towel, cap (optional).

FMC Natatorium Covid Policy: Wearing masks is required for all indoor public spaces.  Temperature are checked upon entrance into the Natatororium.

Bring Form to Try Outs:

Print and complete the attached Long Course Evaluation Form.  Please have your swimmer bring it on the day of your scheduled try out.


Waitlist Registration Form
Swimmer Full Name
Date of Birth
E-Mail Address
Cell Phone
Other Remarks

Our Mission
To create a home for swimmers of all ages and abilities, to allow them to learn, to train and to compete.

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