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Learn to Swim Programs

2024 Summer Session 3 & 4 Registration Date: Wednesday, May 1st @ 9:00 AM

2024 Fall Session 1 Registration Date: Wednesday, August 7th @ 9:00 AM


In the event a lesson is sold out, you will see the option to join the waitlist next to the time slot. We are actively working this waitlist. 



FMC Learn to Swim Program

The FMC Learn to Swim Program is offered to swimmers of all abilities to learn fundamental stroke techniques and water safety. We provide instruction for swimmers' ages 4-12 with lifelong swim skills and teach the importance of being safe, but also having fun in the water.


Our program consists of 5 levels that are designed to improve your child’s swimming skills. Students' progress through the levels at their own pace mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next.  Click on each level to read about the goals.


Every student will learn skills at different rates. You should never look at another child and wonder why your child is not learning at the same pace as others. Swimming is a skill that takes time, patience, and plenty of practice. Therefore, children will be evaluated regularly to determine if they have mastered the skills required in conjunction with a particular class level. Instructors will promote children to the next level when they believe they are ready. Our group lessons are recommended for children and toddlers ages 4 and older. 


Once they jump in, the skills begin!

What's next?

Swimmers who graduate from the Learn to Swim Program can register for the Developmental Stroke and Endurance class. This class is a great bridge from the Learn to Swim Program to swim team training. 

Have questions? Please learn more in our Group Swim Lesson FAQs

Age Policy: Our group lessons and developmental stroke technique are designed for children 4 - 12 years old.

All lessons are non-refundable: we do not offer any make-up lessons or allow rescheduling. If you need to cancel a session of group lessons before the start date, we will offer a gift card if the lessons are sold, minus a $20.00 administrative fee. You must follow up with us after the date of lessons to confirm receipt of a gift card.  

Cost:: Group Lessons & Developmental Stroke classes cost $20.00 per class for non-residents. For Westmont Park District residents, the cost is $14.00 per class. 

Who is a Westmont Park District Resident?

Only residents living within the Westmont Park District taxing boundaries are considered to be Westmont Park District Residents and are eligible for the discount.  Individuals owning a business or working within the Park District boundaries are not eligible for the discount. 
Members may be asked to provide documentation of residency.  

You can check your residency by clicking here.  If you have questions or are unsure, please give us a call at 630-537-1188.
*Persons failing to indicate accurate residency status will be automatically charged the non-resident rate.



Our Mission

To create a home for swimmers of all ages and abilities, to allow them to learn, to train and to compete.

FMC Natatorium at Ty Warner Park.
275 Plaza Dr.

Westmont, IL 60559

Phone: 630-537-1188

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