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Self-rescue lessons at FMC Natatorium

6 months to 5 years old


Watch Me Swim 


Established in 2000, Watch Me Swim, LLC is Tampa, Florida’s leading provider of self-rescue lessons. We are excited to provide self-rescue lessons at FMC Natatorium. 


Lessons are for ages 6 months to 5 years old and are conducted one-on-one, five days per week, Monday-Friday, for approximately 6-8 weeks and 10 minutes per day at FMC Natatorium.  Students are required to attend 5 lessons per week at the same scheduled lesson time each day,  for the duration of the program.

For availability information and schedule please email: Michelle@watchmeswim.com

For more information please visit the website: Watch Me Swim 





The CAST Water Safety Foundation

CAST is a nonprofit organization focused on water safety education and expanding access to self-rescue lessons in the Chicagoland area. CAST stands for “Creating Aquatic Safety Teams.” Through education and access, CAST empowers families and communities to make safer choices as they embark on a journey towards their child’s swim competency. 


CAST supports families through the process of thinking critically about what water safety strategies will best protect their family while they enjoy their lifestyle in and around water. CAST is powered by certified teachers, swim parents, coaches, and educators, and we are driven by connecting with families and organizations that share not only our values for water safety, but for raising active, resilient, inclusive, and confident children in today’s world.


For more information on scholarships and water safety resources please visit: The CAST Water Safety Foundation




Our Mission

To create a home for swimmers of all ages and abilities, to allow them to learn, to train and to compete.

FMC Natatorium at Ty Warner Park.
275 Plaza Dr.

Westmont, IL 60559

Phone: 630-537-1188

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